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What is Holistic Sleep Coaching?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Struggling with your little one´s sleep but don´t want to sleep train?

Getting support from a holistic sleep coach, might be the answer.

Holistic Sleep Coaching can be a powerful tool to support families with their child´s sleep. It is meant to look at the family within their unique circumstances by providing evidence based solutions that foster attachment and focus on maximizing sleep for the whole family.

Infants don´t sleep any different than they did 1000 years ago. What has changed are our societal norms and how we parent. The goal of holistic sleep coaching is to empower you in your jouney as a parent to follow your instincts and choose what works for your family without compromising attachment.

A holisitc sleep coach will look at sleep from a multifactoral perspective, prioritizing the invidivuality of the child and family.

Factors I consider when choosing a sleep strategy

  • The child´s age and developmental stage

  • The family context and environment

  • Nutrition, allergy, intolerances, feeding problems

  • Exercise and sleep hygiene

  • Emotional and mental health

  • Sleep biology

  • The child´s temperament

  • Sensory needs

...and more.

When you become a parent, you are flooded with comments and advice on how to deal with your child´s sleep, most of which are not evidence based and do not take normal infant sleep and needs into acoount. Parents deserve an approach that puts the unique circumstances that they face in the 21st century at the center. Many simply can´t "wait it out" and are looking for a respectful way to support sleep that aligns with their values.

Adressing sleep holisitcally doesn´t mean...

  • selling you a pre-written sleep plan that you and your child have to fit into

  • making you feel bad for parenting your child to sleep

  • offering you limited choices in how to respond to your child at night

  • pretending to be the expert on your child

  • overhauling your whole lifestyle to accomodate your child´s sleep

  • guaranteeing that your child will sleep through the night by a certain number of days/weeks

  • providing strategies that don´t agree with your family´s needs and values

I am so passionate about supporting families with individual and creative solutions that foster attachment and based in evidence.

Holistic sleep support works so well because we focus on the family and child as an individual instead of relying on one size fits all solutions that expect all families to sleep a certain way.

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