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How can I help you?

My approach

I provide a holisitc approach to sleep support, that is based in evidence and supports attachment.When deciding on a strategy, everything from individual temperament to the family structure is taken into consideration. Your child´s individuality is honored in this process, to support both you and your child with the most effective and gentle approach. I will never ask you to withhold comfort from your child and don´t support any form of crying alone technique. I firmly believe that parents are the experts of their children and I´m here to find a way with you to improve sleep. There are no rules that you are required to follow. My goal is for you to feel confident about your sleep situation while maximizing sleep for everyone. I studied to become a Holistic Sleep Coach at Babyem under Lynsey Hookway, which is the highest qualification you can achieve and accredited Level 6by the Open College Network.

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