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La Le Love Sleep

Julia Pichl, Holistic Sleep Coach

Hi I´m so happy you are here!

Are you currently struggling with your child´s sleep? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information online? I get it, I´ve been there myself. 


When I became a mother in 2021, during the height of the pandemic, my main source of information around infant sleep was social media. I was exclusively exposed to popular sleep training content marketed as gentle and I thought this was what I had to do. I tried following this approach which left me feeling anxious and depressed and affected my relationships and self worth. These strategies did not come natural to me, or my child and completely ignored my instincs as a mother. Not to mention they did not improve my son´s sleep and definetly worsened mine.


Some late night instagram deep dive led me towards a holisitc approach to adress sleep challenges. The content validated my experience and made me feel normal. I was able to let go of  the pressure of how my son´s sleep defined my success as a mother and I felt liberated. My focus shifted and I was able to trust my instincts again. Both me and my son slept better and I was a much more present and relaxed mother.

If you´re feeling stuck right now, if this is hard but you do not want to try sleep training, I´m here to help. I firmly believe the only respectful way to address infant sleep is to look at the family and the child holistically, finding strategies that work for the individual circumstances while always prioritisng attachment and bonding. My aim is to provide a stress free approach to sleep that focuses on maximizing sleep for everyone while making parents feel good and confident..

Book a 15 minute free intro call with me if you have any more questions!

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My Services


Intro Call

 Unsure what I’m offering?
Book a free 15 minute intro call to ask all your questions about my approach and see if we are the right fit!  


Love Sleep Call

Lets talk through your sleep challenges together in a 60 minute zoom call  where I will answers all your sleep related questions. 


La Le Love Sleep Call

Talk in depth through sleep challenges with me and get a full picture of your sleep situation. Followed up by a holistic and personalized sleeping plan.

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